About Kisuma

Kisuma Chemicals manufactures synthetic magnesium compounds in Veendam, the Netherlands. Our Hydrotalcite and Magnesium Hydroxide products are used as acid scavengers and magnesium hydroxide by polymer production and processing industries around the world. To introduce new products for existing and new applications, we cooperate closely with customers, universities and research institutes. Magnesium is central in our Mission and Vision, but we are technically and commercially interested in all layered double hydroxides.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyowa Chemical Industry (Kagawa prefecture, Japan), the first company to industrially synthesize hydrotalcites in 1966. In the years that followed, continuous research and product development has ensured that the quality and expertise of Kyowa Chemical Industry and its subsidiaries are still unrivalled in the market today. As a group company, we are the leading producers of synthetic hydrotalcites and specialty magnesium materials in the world.

Our factory in Veendam, the Netherlands, was opened in 1999, but construction work practically never stopped. Having expanded the initial production capacity of the factory significantly, we can now produce close to 30,000 tons of magnesium compounds per year. This means that we operate the largest single production facility for synthetic hydrotalcites in the world. Our products are available any time - any place - any quantity, because we plan our production based on forecast rather than by order. This ensures optimal support and flexibility to our customers.

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