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DHT-4A is a highly effective acid scavenger. It's unique anion exchange properties have resulted in the implementation of DHT-4A in a wide range of plastic and rubber applications. Where there's a problem caused by acids, this is the recommended stabilizer for demanding applications. 

DHT-4A® is the flagship product of Kisuma Chemicals' branded range of hydrotalcite-like materials that have been developed specifically for irreversible acid scavenging in polymer production and processing systems. Already for more than 30 years, DHT-4A® is considered to be the industry standard for deactivation of catalyst residues in polyolefins. The product is environmentally harmless and is generally acknowledged to be the best of its kind. This is reflected by the fact that DHT-4A® is on the approval list of practically all polyolefin technology providers globally.


The interesting characteristics of DHT-4A opens doors to an wide range of applications. Compared to alternatives, such as Calcium Stearate, DHT-4A is three times more effective. This high efficiency, combined with the high purity and well defined small particle size of DHT-4A, results in a minor impact on the polymer properties. The unique mechanism by which DHT-4A renders anions inert results in a much smaller chance in side effects, such as those caused by Stearic Acid. 

Some examples of applications in which DHT-4A has successfully been implemented:

  • Deactivation of catalytic residues
  • Deactivation of halogen ions from radicals in halogenated flame retardants (e.g. bromide)
  • Acid acceptor in halogenated rubber, where low water adsorption is important.
  • Acid scavenger in glass fiber filled compounds
  • IR adsorber in agricultural films, to increase heat retention and protect HALS. 
  • Partial replacement of Calcium Stearate, to deactive stearic acid. 

Support Documents

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More Information
Price €151.20
Weight 20.000000
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Measurement of primary packaging 640 (+/-10 mm) x 540 (+/- 5 mm) x 140 (+/- 5 mm)
Primary packaging material PE valve bag preprinted with KCBV logo and product name
Shelf life 2 years after validation
Weight per unit 20 kg
Weight per pallet Max. 800 kg
Chemical name of the main active ingredient Magnesium Aluminium Hydroxide Carbonate (Hydrate)
EC number 234-319-3
CAS number 11097-59-9
EU-REACH/CLP reference number 01-2119489902-26-0000
INDEX number as listed in annex VI of EUCLP No classification
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