Kisuma 5B-1G

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Kisuma® 5B-1G is a synthetic magnesium hydroxide (MDH) product.This product is especially suitable for applications where improved processability compared to our allround product, Kisuma® 5A, is required.This is made possible by the specific surface treatment that we use for Kisuma® 5B-1G. 

Kisuma® 5B-1G is advised for applications that require good processabilty. This is made possible by the specific surface treatment that we use for Kisuma® 5B-1G. Like all materials in our Kisuma® 5 range, the purity of this Mg(OH)2 is unmatched by competitive materials. 

The KISUMA® 5 brand

The Kisuma® 5 brand name represents a range of synthetic magnesium hydroxides, which are inorganic compounds with the formula Mg(OH)2. The magnesium dihydroxides (MDH) produced by our proprietary and unique technology are highly pure. Additionally, the particle size of this product is very fine. By applying special coatings on the surface of our products, the compatibility with polymer matrices is increased. Furthermore, the selection of the coating agents allows us to provide specific application properties. The Kisuma® 5 products are predominantly used as halogen free flame retardants (HFFR) for thermoplastics and rubbers. Typical applications are automotive and data cables that require a high dosage without compromising on mechanical and electrical properties. 

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More Information
Price €88.59
Weight 20.000000
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Measurement of primary packaging 640 (+/-10 mm) x 540 (+/- 5 mm) x 140 (+/- 5 mm)
Primary packaging material PE valve bag preprinted with KCBV logo and product name.
Shelf life 2 years after validation.
Weight per unit 20 kg
Weight per pallet Max. 800 kg.
Chemical name of the main active ingredient Magnesium Hydroxide
EC number 215-170-3
CAS number 1309-42-8
EU-REACH/CLP reference number 01-2119488756-18-0007
INDEX number as listed in annex VI of EUCLP No classification.
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