• Which substances can be deactivated by your hydrotalcite products?

    Basically all anions that fit in the interlayer region, including but not limited to: Chloride, Bromide, Sulfate, Fluoride, Iodide, Phosphate, Nitrate, Borate, Benzoate, Acetate. Furthermore, hydrotalcites have a neutralizing effect as well due to their a
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  • Can any of your products solve odor problems during my production process?

    Yes. Odor problems are often caused by acid residuals. We recommend you to look at our acid scavenger DHT-4A.
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  • What dosage level is recommended for your hydrotalcites?

    This depends on the amount of free acid groups that are present in your process or application. As a rule of thumb, we recommend a dosage of 10 parts hydrotalcite to 01 part of free acid.
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  • Why should I add DHT-4A during my Polyolefin production process?

    DHT-4A is able to irreversible deactivate chloride, derived from polymerization catalysts. This prevents corrosion problems of production and processing equipment.
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  • Why should I add Alcamizer to my PVC formulations?

    PVC consists of approximately 60% Hydrochloric acid. During processing of PVC, this is released which results in degradation of the polymer. This is an autocatalytic process. Alcamizer products are able to significantly delay this process, so that PVC can
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  • Can I use your products for food contact applications?

    Yes, most of our products can be used in packaging used for direct food contact. Please contact us for specific questions and certifications.
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